I kept my promise to share this fried chicken recipe to all of my friends and all others.
How to make crispy fried chicken at home in pressure cooker .
So here we go with delicious ,crunchy fried chicken for all broasted chicken lovers.

You can serve it as main course.

Plating the chicken with Bun ,Coleslaw,French fries and garlic mayonnaise
Try these recipie and enjoy!!!!


Chicken drumstick/Thighs – 8

Cooking oil – 6cups


Buttermilk – 1cup

salt – 1teaspoon

paprika – 1teaspoon

pinch of cayenne

Breading part 1:

flour – 1 cup

cornstarch – 2 tablespoon

seasonings – 1teaspoon (your choice)

Breading part 2:

eggs – 2 ( beatin with a splach of water)

Breading part 3:

flour – 1 cup

seasoning – 1 cup


Method of preparation:

  • Put the chicken drumstick in plastic zip-top and add the buttermilk,salt paprika and cayenne.Massage the chicken around so that its coated with the buttermilk.Set as for for at least 30mint or refrigerat for up to 4 hours
  • Put the flour, cornstarch and seasoning into a flat blow or a rimmed dish.Add your choice. Paprika,garlic powder(1teaspoon),onion powder(1/2 teaspoon),or a seasoning blend wound be fine. whik to compine.
  • Put the eggs in  another flat blow.
  • Put flour in a third blow. You can use the same seasoning mix as the first flour mixture. whik to combine.
  • when your are ready to cook, heat the oil in the pressure cooker to 350-375 degrees on high heat
  • while the oil is heating, prepare the chicken. Remove it from the bag,and pat the pieces dry. Dredge in the first flour mixture (with the cornstarch) then dip it into the egg, then dredge it in the third flour mixture
  • when the oil is hot ,add the chicken pieces in one layer .I cooked four pieces at a time.
  • Oil will begin to boil as you add the chicken. Use tongs.(Long tongs).Dont drop the chicken from a distance ,place gently in the oil.
  • Put the lid on the cooker and make sure it’s even and seated well and before you put it on.Make sure the gasket is dry and clean,and rim of the pot is clean as well.
  • Make sure the weight is on the vent.Make sure the heat is on high.You want this to reach pressure quickly . It shouldn’t take long at all.Less than a minute.
  • when steam comes from the vent and the weight starts spinning set a timer for 10 minutes.if the weight starts spinning fast , turn down the heat.It should keep spinning at a responsible rate.Not so slow that it stops,but not madly spinning.
  • Stay nearby.That vent should keep spewing steam as long as the heat is on.If that stops and the other vent pops ,Turn the heat off . No need to tempt fate.
  • When the 10 minutes are up , turn off the heat. Release the pressure according to the manufacturers instructions.when pressure is released ,unclamp the lid and remove it.The oil will still be boiling. So be careful.Move the chicken to a rack or paper  towel lined plate to drain any excess oil.
  • Repeat the next batch of chicken.
  • If you are using different pressure cooker follow the manufactures directions for checking and regulating the pressure.and make sure follow the manufactures directions for releasing pressure.You want to use the natural method for releasing pressure – don’t be tempted to cool things down faster by running water over the lid.




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