Chef, Sumaija,  a native of Mahe is passionate for culinary art and has inherited it from her ancestors. Having apprentice under her mother who is one of the exponent of the Thalassery cuisine, she has become an artist who cooks with her heart with a passion that is enviable.

Her first acquaintance with food came in her childhood itself by assisting her mother in kitchen, who would personally oversee the retinue of cooks in their household preparing meals for large family gatherings at home. It was during this period that the inevitable happened and young Sumaija developed a flare for cooking her own style of Thalassery cuisine.

She is a person who loves to cook and finds contentment in seeing others enjoying eat the delicacies springs out from her kitchen. She still believes that good food can only be got by patience and enduring the traditional methods of cooking that is why she insists that her food is still being cooked with the finest blend of hand pounded spices, she still carries that legacy.

Sumaija was the main chef at Greens Ayurveda and who gifts the  treasure of Indian and Ayurvedic art to international students and patients. She is giving practical training classes to famous international chefs from various continents.

She is also a food consultant and periodically contributes to media on the nuance, recipes of Thalassery cuisine.